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At Goldfarb Weber Creative Media, we prioritize the safety of our team members and clients, and their friends and family, above all else. We have put extensive measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to the best of our ability. With all of the re-openings in the state of Ohio, these precautions are more important than ever, and we do not plan on lifting them in the foreseeable future. 

Inform ourselves

  • We initially researched the virus until we felt confident that we knew the symptoms to look for in ourselves, our co-workers and our clients

  • We continue to keep up with new developments and information on the virus

  • We request that our clients put in the same effort to educate themselves


Prevent interactions involving anybody showing symptoms

  • If a team member shows any of these symptoms, we ensure that he or she does not come into work or attend a shoot

  • We monitor ourselves on a daily basis, checking for any early indication of symptoms

  • We check on our co-workers regularly to ensure that they and anyone they have interacted with are symptom-free

  • Before a shoot, we reach out to the clients and ask if they or anyone in their home or office has experienced any of these symptoms


Check temperatures regularly

  • As we enter the office each day, team members take their temperatures to ensure that they are in the normal range

  • We take the temperatures of our clients as they arrive at both off-site and in-house shoots


Wear masks

  • Any time that we are on a shoot, indoors or outdoors, we wear masks 

  • In the office, we wear a mask when we leave our individual workspace, whether we are going to the studio, the edit suite, the kitchen, the bathroom or another team-member’s office


Wash hands frequently

  • Our hand-washing protocol is to do it as often as possible 

  • Each time we leave our personal workspace and enter a community space, we wash our hands

  • We wash our hands prior to touching any equipment or surfaces

  • We have installed a hand-sanitizer dispenser directly next to our office door and encourage everyone to sanitize their hands each time they enter or exit

  • On off-site shoots, we travel with hand sanitizer, and follow the same sanitation guidelines


Stay 6 feet apart and limit the number of people in a room 

  • We have repurposed our office to ensure that everyone remains 6 feet apart

  • Internal meetings with more than 4 people have become Zoom meetings, during which each team member is at his or her own workspace

  • Our conference room table has been arranged so that 4 team members may sit 6 feet apart from each other, and it is sterilized before and after each meeting

  • External meetings are now virtual meetings or calls whenever possible

  • We only permit one team member at a time in tight common spaces


Sterilize regularly

  • We have our production assistant sterilize our in-house studio before and after each shoot

  • She sterilizes every door knob, light switch, drawer handle, kitchen device handle, phone, printer and office computer keyboard a minimum of twice a day 

  • Each surface in the office is also sterilized twice a day (counters, desks, tables)

  • The gear is sterilized before and after every shoot


Avoid multiple people touching the same objects, whenever possible

  • Only office devices and surfaces that absolutely must be shared remain community property

  • On shoots, we try to avoid two team members touching the same piece of equipment, whenever possible


Avoid community snacks or meals

  • We have eliminated the lunch spreads and snack trays that we put out for our clients prior to the pandemic 

  • If we order food for our team members, we ensure that each individual’s food is in its own package, and we eat in our individual workspaces, rather than congregating

  • If we bring snacks or beverages on shoots, we follow the same protocol and avoid sharing any containers or bags

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